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Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Mon Mar 25 09:32:36 JEST 2002

Something to grin about? -- and in Texas, no less!!

". . .   Hightower admitted that he worried about whether he would prove
right one of the best lines of Oklahoma populist Fred Harris: 'You can't
have a mass movement without the masses.'  But the organizers needn't
have worried. The masses were ready for this movement.  . . .  close to
7,000 rebels against the consensus  . . .   If there was a theme for the
day, it may well have been that dissent is back in fashion.    . . .
game booths allowed kids to toss a ball and knock down a nuclear
missile. Workshops took on everything from radioactive waste to
genetically-modified food. . . . "  (The Nation article by John Nichols)

In Atlanta in May -- website says ticket price is $5/adult.

Mary Calhoun
Foxfire FM

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| Dear EmailNation Subscriber,
| After a full day of speeches, music, games, organic food, workshops,
| talking and general carousing, singer Michelle Shocked strapped on her
| guitar and took the stage for the performance that would finish the
| stop on the Rolling Thunder Down-Home Democracy Tour.
| Looking out at the faces of several thousand cheering Texans, the
| who has penned hits such as "Anchorage" broke into a huge grin and
| the crowd,  "We just didn't know what we were going to find when we
| up this morning. We didn't know if you all were going to show up. But
| think it's been an unqualified success."
| Shocked got no argument from the crowd, or from organizers of what may
| well be the most unlikely scheme to stir the nation's populist
| since someone suggested pulling together a protest outside the WTO
| in Seattle.
| For a full report on yesterday's day of Rolling Thunder in Austin
| featuring Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Jim Hightower, Molly
| Granny D, and 7,000 energized Texans, read the latest installment of
| Nichols' Online Beat.
| Currently available at:
| http://www.thenation.com
| Yesterday was just the first stop on a projected 12-city tour across
| United States.  The idea of Rolling Thunder is to foster connection
| the myriad progressive initiatives mobilized across the US every
day --
| and have some fun in the process.
| ...Rolling Thunder site for information on future tour stops...
| http://rollingthundertour.org
| Best Regards,
| Peter Rothberg
| Associate Publisher
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