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Mon Mar 25 10:50:23 JEST 2002

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 138
Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting
joins Campaign for Conscience
3-10-02 Minute

(from a 3-11-02 message from Bob Welsh, one of the organizers of SAYMA's
Feb 1-2 Peace Consultation in Chattanooga)

<|>    Here's an outgrowth of our peace testimony gathering -- I'm so
proud that our Meeting has decided to join the Campaign of Conscience
for the Iraqi People. -- Bob

<|>    The following Minute (or resolution) was adopted by Swannanoa
Valley Friends (Quaker) Meeting on Sunday, March 10, 2002:

<|>    As Friends (Quakers) we hold to faith in the worth and dignity of
        every person as a child of God.  For the 350 years of our
        we have rejected war as a means of promoting security or
        the cause of the good and have devoted our energies to working
        for justice and making peace among persons and nations.

<|>    Now, in March of 2002, we believe the country of Iraq to be in
        danger of imminent attack from the United States.  We must
        therefore speak out and act in behalf of the men, women and
        especially the children of Iraq who have already suffered so
        during the past decade from living under a dictatorship and from
        harsh economic sanctions that have severely restricted the
        availability of food, medicine and clean water there.

<|>    Today we add the name of Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting to the
        list of more than 150 organizations and faith communities in the
        U. S. who have joined the Campaign of Conscience for the Iraqi
        People.  With this we include a monetary donation to the
        to be used to purchase materials such as medical supplies and
        purification systems which will be sent to Iraq to benefit its

<|>    We also call on our government to turn away from plans to make
        war on Iraq;  to lift its devastating economic blockade of Iraq;
        to work legally and diplomatically to oppose the country's
        while working to relieve the suffering of its people.

<|>    Suzanne Gernandt, Clerk
        Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting

<|>    Note:  The Campaign of Conscience for the Iraqi People is a
        nationwide effort of faith-based communities to send
        aid to the people of Iraq and to lobby for dialogue rather than
        between the U. S. and Iraq.  For more information, see the

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