[saymaListserv] Statement approved by Asheville Friends Meeting on October 2

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Tue Oct 15 14:58:29 JEST 2002

I have been asked to share with Friends in SAYMA a statement that we approved 
and have sent for publication as a letter to the editor in two local 
Asheville papers.  We have also sent the statement to FCNL.  

Statement begins:

>"We do not want war!" (Children of Asheville Friends Meeting)

The Asheville Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 
joins with people of faith around the world in seeking a peaceful solution to 

the current confrontation with Iraq.  As do many in the world, we look to the 

United States government to set an example for the international community.  
We find no justification for the human suffering, environmental destruction, 
and loss of life that would result from a preemptive strike.

Rather than attacking Iraq, we urge the President to pursue peaceful 
alternatives in the Middle East.  We support the resumption of 
weapons-inspections in Iraq.  We look to our government to join with the 
International community to take away the occasion for all wars-military and 
economic.  We ask our government and the people of the United States to take 
corrective actions regarding our countries' development of nuclear weapons of 

mass destruction, our countries' sale of armaments, and our energy policy, 
which makes us dependent on oil.  We join other people of faith in holding 
leaders of the world and the people of the world in the Light of the Divine.

Evan Richardson
Clerk, Asheville Friends Meeting


David Clements, Evan Richardson, Wesley Clements, Lila Richardson
79 Cumberland Avenue
Asheville, NC  28801

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