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Wed Oct 16 16:29:44 JEST 2002

The SAYMA office has received --

Exhibit Announcement
"Silent Witness:  Quaker Meeting Houses
in the Delaware Valley, 1695 to the Present"
Sept 23 - Dec 31 at Athenaeum of Philadelphia

(from a 9-17-02 letter from Peggy Morscheck,
            for the PYM-HABS Exhibit Working Group)

<|>  "Dear Friends,

        "We are pleased to share with you information about our exhibit
entitled, "Silent Witness:  Quaker Meeting Houses in the Delaware
Valley, 1695 to the Present," to be on view from September 23 through
December 31, 2002, at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, 219 S. Sixth St,
Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

        "The exhibit will display the results of the Historic American
Building Survey (HABS) program of the National Parks Service efforts
since 1996 to trace the evolution of regional Quaker meetinghouse design
through documentation of 27 select meetinghouses associated with
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.  The
resulting large-format photographs, measured architectural drawings, and
historical text create a comprehensive, publicly accessible record that
can serve as the basis for interpretation and preservation.  They also
shed light on a Quaker aesthetic.

       " . . . We'd like Friends to know that they can see the exhibit
when visiting Philadelphia, at the Athenaeum through December, and from
February through June at the Arch Street Meeting House.  After that
time, the exhibit will be available for traveling to other Quaker and
non-Quaker venues.

        ". . . A catalog of the same title as the exhibit has been
produced and is enclosed as our gift to your yearly meeting. Additional
copies can be obtained from the Friends General Conference Bookstore:
215-561-1700.  Should you desire more information about this project,
feel free to call 215-241-7241 or visit the web-site:

Peggy Morscheck, Quaker Information Center
for the PYM-HABS Exhibit Working Group

"The Exhibit and Catalog are sponsored by the Philadelphia Yearly
Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, the Historic American
Buildings Survey of the National Park Service, and the Quaker
Information Center."

<|>  SAYMA AA's note:  The catalog is beautiful, and can be viewed at
the 12-7-02 Rep Meeting.

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