[saymaListserv] Peace choices

Kit Potter listener at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 24 21:27:36 JEST 2002

I just read a quote from Andre Malraux: 
"Things often happen like that. Many people who accepted Stalin -- that is, who accepted the unacceptable -- didn't do so out of self-interest, but simply because at that moment they had other things to do which seemed essential and which distracted them from the atrocity." 

It is such a time in the U.S., I believe -- not so extreme, thank God, but still a concern. We've learned from experience how long and difficult the work is to stop a war that has already started. I can feel the tendency to be "too busy to take actions against the proposed war" in myself every day; there is always the decision.

There are demonstrations for peace all over the country on Saturday. I hope that everyone can find one and participate, at least long enough to be counted!  (see MoveOn.org for info)

Kit Potter
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