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Dear Friends,

This information was passed on to me the other day. Since the proposed war is apparently partly about "protecting American interests," meaning oil sources, it would be interesting to act on this information and observe what occurs. If enough people change their purchasing decisions, it would be a significant act that we DO have the POWER to do. Please consider what you want to do personally with this information. The testimony says that "we strive to remove all outward causes of war."


Kit Potter

Major companies that imported Middle Eastern oil for the period 9/1/00 - 8/31/01.
Shell... 205,742,000 barrels
Chevron/Texaco....... 144,332,000 barrels
Exxon/Mobil......... 130,082,000 barrels
Marathon............. 117,740,000 barrels
Amoco... 62,231,000 barrels

If you do the math at $30/barrel, these imports amount to over $18 BILLION!
Here are some large companies that do not import Middle Eastern oil:
Citgo 0 barrels
Sunoco 0 barrels
Conoco 0 barrels
Sinclair 0 barrels
BP/Phillips 0 barrels
Hess 0 barrels

All of this information is available from the Department of Energy and can be easily documented. Refineries located in the U.S. are required to state where they get their oil and how much they are importing. They report on a monthly basis. We can track this.

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