[saymaListserv] Blueberries in Cookeville

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Wed Aug 6 20:04:44 JEST 2003

Forward from Hector Black, Cookeville Preparative Meeting.

Mary Calhoun
AdminAsst at sayma.org


Blueberry Picking Day for Friends

We have such a bountiful crop of berries this year, we thought we ought
to celebrate with Friends.  So August 16th we want to invite Friends
from anywhere near enough to pick berries in the morning and have a
potluck lunch and then walk to the waterfalls.  Or variations on that
theme.  No charge for the berries, but if Friends feel so inclined, a
contribution to our Meeting building fund would be appreciated. Bring a
sleeping bag, spend the night and join us for worship Sunday, if you

Hector and Susie Black

(Not sure anyone would drive all the way from Memphis --although the
berries are durn good!)

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