[saymaListserv] SAYMA Office off line temp

Sharon Annis sharonannis at comcast.net
Fri Aug 15 09:50:09 JEST 2003

Dear Friends
    The SAYMA office computer is under the weather and not responding to emails or producing information.
We have it under the care of a techy and hope for the best.  In the mean time please contact the Clerk (me)
and I will attempt to help with you questions.
Reminder:  the Fall representative meeting is 9/6/03 in Columbia SC.  Information will arrive via US Post
WE WILL NOT have regular committee meetings on Fri Night.  If there is a major need to have a meeting please let me know ASAP as we will have to find space in someone's home.  There will be regular time during the morning session.

ALSO, If you Meeting does not have a contact currently on this site please see if you can find a volunteer to share information and monitor the site for your Meeting.  Thank you

Blessings  Sharon Annis
sharonannis at comcast.net
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