[saymaListserv] Fw: HIV/AIDS Inmates in Alabama

bright_crow at mindspring.com bright_crow at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 28 12:47:26 JEST 2003


I recently became web clerk for the Peace & Social Concerns Committee of Southeastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM)at http://seympeace.org .

I have just added to that site what I consider to be an important report and news release on Alabama's poor treatment of its HIV/AIDS infected inmates.

You will find the item in the "Topics of Concern" section under "HIV/AIDS and Prison."  It links to Lisa Zahren's personal testimony and to the news release of the Southern Center for Human Rights in Georgia.

I know from my professional experience as an HIV/AIDS counselor back in the late 1990's in the SC prison system that Alabama was reputedly one of the worst in the nation in its treatment of these people.

Please share this information with others.

Mike Shell.

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