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IMP ^o^ Bulletin 152
Workshop Proposal Form
Yearly Meeting 2003
submit by 2-28-03 to Lee Ann Swarm

(from a copy of the form supplied by Lee Ann Swarm,
        Workshop Coordinator, YM 2003)

<|>    Workshop Proposal Form

<|>    Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting
            June 5 - 8, 2003, Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC

<|>    Form due back by February 28, 2003
            (addresses below)

<|>    Theme -- Flames of Faith from Embers of Tradition: How Our
            Traditions Inspire Our Practice

<|>    Title of proposed workshop

<|>    Your name, address, phone number (& e-mail if applicable)

<|>    What led you to offer this workshop?

<|>    Tell us about your experience in leading workshops or any
            related experience.

<|>    Give us a brief (approximately 50-word) description of your
            workshop.  (This information will be used to describe your
            workshop in the advance program to help Friends in
            selecting a workshop.)

<|>    Workshop sessions will either be 2 1/2 hours long or 70 minutes
            long.  Workshops will be offered _*Thursday afternoon*_
            (all long workshops) and _*Saturday afternoon*_ (both
            short and long workshops).  Please help us in our planning
            by completing the following questions about your proposed

        >>    Which length would best fit your workshop?

        >>    Please specify which afternoon you would like to give
                    your workshop.  Would you be willing to give your
                    workshop twice?  (Be aware that you may have
                    different people in each session.)

        >>    Will the workshop be didactic?    Interactive?

        >>    Would you like the participants to be adults, youth,
                    or both?

        >>    Would you like the participants to be men, women,
                    or both?

        >>    Are there limits to the numbers of participants?
                    Maximum?    Minimum?

        >>    Do you have particular requirements for your workshop?
                    Equipment?     Location?

        >>    Are there any books or similar materials related to your
                    workshop topic that you would like to see stocked
                    in the bookstore at yearly meeting?

<|>    Please return this form by February 28, 2003, to:
            Lee Ann Swarm
            432 Little Switzerland Road, Knoxville TN 37920
            laswarm at ntown.com

<|>    Please contact Lee Ann with any question you may have.

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