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Daryl Bergquist earthsteward at urisp.net
Thu Feb 20 22:27:28 JEST 2003


This is an amazing time to be alive.  We feel hopeful for positive
changes for our planet.  We sense that we are living in a time similar
to when the Berlin wall came down, the Soviet Union collapsed, apartheid
ended in South Africa, segregation ended in this country, and India
gained independence.  A committed spiritually grounded people can make
significant change in the world without using violence.  The force of
Love is very powerful.  Love can overcome anything.

For 4 months now we have been meeting the first Monday at 6:00 p.m.
Standing in the cold and dark, being warmed by our candles and a loving
spirit, we gather for spiritual readings, prayer and songs of peace on
the steps of the Blount County courthouse.   The Blount County Committee
Committee for Peace and Justice, has ranged in participants from 17 to
27 people from age 9 to over 80.  The group is becoming a haven of peace
and a nurturing community of people of many faiths.

Yesterday, a group of us took a petition pulled together by the MoveOn
organization, to the office of Congressman Robert Aderholt.  This
petition had names and comments from all over District 4 which spans
North Central Alabama from the Georgia to the Mississippi borders.  The
petition asks Congress and George Bush to "Let the Inspections Work".
Nationwide this petition has over 300,000 signatures and was delivered
simultaneously yesterday, to over 400 members of Congress.

We ask you to sign this petition at  www.moveon.org . You may want to
prepare your comment to your representatives and George Bush before you
sign.  The television ad which MoveOn placed is also viewable at the web
site - very powerful - and has now been on most major news programs as a
topic in & of itself!

Friday, a delegation of us will be returning to Congressman Robert
Aderholt's office to talk with his district aid, Paul Housel, to share
our concerns about the build-up toward increased war with Iraq, and to
begin an on-going conversation and relationship with Paul Housel, and we
hope, Robert Aderholt as well.

An additional way that we (that's you, too) can share our concerns is to
call the White House comment line at 202 456-1111 during regular
business hours.  George Bush is expected to make a decision this weekend
as to whether to increase the war with Iraq and to comment on this
during his State of the Union Address to Congress on Monday evening.

And above all, pray.  Pray for the world's leaders that they will know,
and do, what is right.  Pray for the children, and all of us, that we
will live in, and create, a world that is peaceful, just and loving.
Pray for guidance and strength in your life.  And know that in praying
you will be joining millions of people of all faiths around the world.

With Love,
         Daryl Bergquist and Sara Rose

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."  M.K. Gandhi
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