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Thu Feb 27 15:29:24 JEST 2003


A message to some elected officials.

Mary Calhoun
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Subject: Iraq "option" must = true test

| Dear President Bush, Vice-President Cheney,
|         Secretary of State Powell,
|         Senator Warren, Senator Allen, Representative Boucher,
|         Senator Kucinich, Senator Byrd, Senator Biden,
|         Representative Rahall,
| For the test of Saddam Hussein to be real, we must be willing to think
| of his disarming.
| As we presume courtroom innocence even for habitual criminals, we must
| allow for the chance that the Iraqi government will do the right
| Americans are often proud of our court system.  We could also be proud
| to apply a similar test to Iraq, even if Iraqi cooperation was as
| grudging as that of a hardened criminal and his or her defense lawyer.
| I urge you to press for more effective inspections in Iraq --
|     -- maintain U2 flights
|     -- share intelligence better
|     -- hire experienced ex-UNSCOM inspectors
|     -- establish no-drive/no-fly zones at sites to be inspected
|     -- demolish sites that Iraq attempts to "sanitize"
| Democracy is as democracy does.  The important word about US
| toward Iraq must be "test."  I don't think democracy will follow from
| hard rhetoric suggesting that US attack on Iraq is inevitable no
| what its leader does.  I believe such certainty of invasion can only
| encourage Saddam Hussein to cooperate less.
| I fear history will not thank the US should we neglect the
| "if."   If we are not truly presenting an attitude-of-option to Iraq
| then we're labeling and making assumptions.  If we use words of
| possibility to mask a decision already made, then we would be
| If we let inspections be weaker than they could be, we shoot ourselves
| in the foot.  If much cost of lives and treasure comes from a
| test-that-never-truly-was, our international role will be sadly
| tarnished.
| For our own sake, for everyone's future, Iraq must truly have an
| Our police know that negative language doesn't improve a hostage
| negotiation.  We don't just make assumptions about a criminal holding
| hostages.  We commit to do what it takes to end the confrontation
| without loss of life.  We have learned to apply this wisdom and
| at home in our democracy; we must keep the same thought in mind while
| confronting Iraq.  The hostages include half the Iraqi population
| under 15 years old), the future of democracy in Iraq, the image of the
| US, and the safety of our citizens from terrorism.
| Please do what's called for to make UN inspections effective.
| Sincerely,
| Mary Calhoun
| 165 Jackson St
| Abingdon VA

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