[saymaListserv] Men's, women's and FLGC centers at yearly meeting sessions

Larry Ingle lingle at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 28 09:32:19 JEST 2003

I have long wondered how these groups ("centers") got started.  Until 
sometime late in the 20th century separate meetings, as far as I can
discover, were never authorized by Friends.  All meetings for worship were
always open to anyone, women, children, men, old, young, black, white,
educated, illiterate--in short, everyone.

(There were separate meetings for discipline for women and men by the late
1660s, but meetings for worship remained open to and for all.)

I have heard the reasons that proponents of these groups have given; they
are simply not convincing.  Why can't SAYMA take the lead in ending a
practice that is so contrary to our tradition?

(There's also a practical concern:  in the past couple of yearly meetings,
these separate gatherings have usurped meetings for worship for the entire
yearly meeting.  Now there's something that demands our planners's attention
and efforts.)

For what it's worth.

Larry Ingle

From: "Penelope Wright" <pennywright at earthlink.net>
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Subject: [saymaListserv] Men's, women's and FLGC centers at yearly meeting
Date: Thu, Feb 27, 2003, 3:26 PM

Greetings SAYMA Friends,
I write to you as Adult Program Coordinator for our yearly meeting sessions
to be held June 5-8, 2003 at Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC. It has
long been our custom to have various centers where like-minded Friends can
join in worship and friendship. There has been little formal organization
for these centers over the years. In fact, sometimes the centers have
spontaneously formed. But it makes for smoother planning for time and space
if these centers can be intentionally planned. In an effort to bring about
this intentional organization, this year the Adult Program will be taking
these centers under its care. Thus I seek to hear from you concerning two
    A. Is there need for:
            - a men's center
            - a women's center
            - a center for FLGC
            - other centers?
    B. Are there Friends who are led to come forward as convenors of these
centers? Details of what the duties of a convenor entail will be provided by
me upon request.

Please email me directly at pennywright at earthlink.net
<mailto:pennywright at earthlink.net>   or call 615-298-1385 as soon as
possible with your responses so the committee can include this information
in our planning and the final schedule. Please note that I will be out of
town March 6-11.

Even if you are not personally led to respond to this request, would you be
so kind as to print this out and announce it at your meeting's next worship?
In Peace,
Penelope Wright
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