[saymaListserv] ooops...a clarification

Kit Potter listener at bellsouth.net
Tue Jul 1 22:22:37 JEST 2003

Dear Friends,

I apologize for perhaps starting something inappropriate for this listserve.
I sent the Kucinich vs. Dean thing only to get folks to start thinking about
the whole thing and to perhaps look at a website where they could get more
indepth information on all of the candidates. I don't want to start an email
discussion on the election stuff, or really to advocate strongly for or
against specific persons (even though it looks like it!) so much as to say
that the information is "out there" for us to make an informed decision. I
didn't see that available so easily in the past; at least in regards to the
presidential race.

I would personally welcome information on good, reliable sources of
information, but I apologize for sounding like I was promoting one person
over others at this stage and in this venue.


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