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  Hi SAYMA Friends, this came from Free's son, Chad.  It is about one 
of his neighbors who has been living in the Lake Claire area of 
Atlanta.  I forward it to let you know how close the government's 
current policies and rollback of freedoms has come to us.  I often 
don't bother to relate the messages I send to the testimonies as I 
assume you can do that yourself. But I received a note from someone 
recently who couldn't see the relevance of one of my messages about 
economic effects so I'll be specific. This message is related to 
Friends'Testimonies on Truth, Equality and Community. Economic 
effects of the Administration's current policies are also 
specifically relevant to Truth, Equality and Community or the lack 
thereof. 		Janet

Hello Friends,

My son, Chad, sent this email to me about his neighbor's very sad 
experience with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). 
The information shared is important, but probably will not be covered 
by the Media.    Please pass it on.   

Free Polazzo,

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>"Politics is the Art of making people Indifferent to what should 
>concern them."
>-- Anonymous
>Please take the time:
>Some of you may know Peter Riedel,  my wonderful Canadian friend, artist and
>next door neighbor. Peter is an outstanding man who has been 
>applying for a green
>card for 4 years w/ little response or progress from the "authorities".
>Recently married to his American bride Kim, he is the  proud father 
>of a beautiful
>6 mo old American son.  Peter was called unexpectedly to fly to his 
>dying father's
>bed side back in Canada to see him for the final time....his father 
>died in his arms
>moments after his arrival.  After 2 weeks of getting his elderly 
>mother's affairs in order,
>Peter was expected back home in Atlanta to his young family this past Sun.
>He was unfortunately detained by the INS at the border and is
>being held against his will  at an unknown location  for an 
>indefinite period of time.
>Apparently, he had insufficient paperwork... fairness,discretion and 
>simple common sense
>be damned !  He has called his wife twice and knows not his fate. His lawyer
>suggests, given the current "climate", Peter will probably be held 
>indefinitely, released,
>and most likely be deported back to Canada. The "climate" does not 
>include due process
>or rights and even an appeal to Rep. John Lewis' office reconfirmed 
>this impotence
>of even our elected representatives to intervene!  His wife and son 
>are making plans for
>her to resign from her university teaching position, sell all cars 
>and possessions, vacate
>our neighborhood and move to Canada....all which could take many months!
>Peter is one of the most gentle and talented gentlemen I have ever 
>had the pleasure
>to know.  Our entire community is awestruck (see shock and awe) and alarmed
>at how close and unreasonable administration policies may strike home!
>It reminds me of how at one time AIDS was viewed as just a 
>homosexual problem and
>the nation at large was unconcerned. Well now it is more pervasive 
>and  most have been
>touched by  the loss of a victim and now agree it is a real problem 
>for our entire society.
>As the ignorant and unenlightened masses of this great nation 
>willingly give up their
>civil freedoms unique in world history under the guise of 
>"protection", they will ultimately
>be touched directly, as have our next door neighbors.  Maybe then, 
>and only then, will they
>realize the sacred value of their Constitutional granted civil 
>rights as their TRUE PROTECTION!
>" The best propaganda  is that which works invisibly, penetrates the 
>whole of  life
>without the public having any knowledge at all of the propagandist 
>-- Joseph Goebbels, Hitlers brilliant propaganda minister as told an audience
>of film workers in 1941.
>For him, propaganda was not just a slogan , but an environment.
>Entertainment films were just one part of that environment,a way of reassuring
>people that old habits and benign comforts were still available
>under the fascist regime.
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