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Friends in NC

> Guilford College, a Quaker college in Greensboro NC, is sponsoring a
> conference on what life was like for early Friends who settled the
> region of the Carolinas in the early 18th century. Learn how Quakers'
> underlying faith and practice have influenced daily life, life during
> wartime, and other trying times. Explore the beliefs and spiritual
> that undergird Quaker life. For information call 336-316-2342.
> This is the area where I grew up. It is rich with historic Quaker sites,
> including a Quaker homestead from the pre-Civil War era that was a stop on
> the underground railroad, and which still has one of the false-bottom
> that transported fleeing slaves. Deep River Meetinghouse, built in 1774,
> still in active use for worship! and Springfield Friends Meeting has a
> Quaker museum. Guilford College Library's Quaker Room has some of the best
> archives and research materials on Quakers in the country, certainly the
> best in the South. Within an hour's drive east of Greensboro is Snow Hill,
> Quaker site with some great history around the anti-slavery movement. I
> think there is still an outdoor drama there celebrating that history.
> Within a half-hour's drive to the West is the restored colonial Moravian
> community of Salem in Winston-Salem, where costumed docents tell you about
> daily life for these "plain and pacifist" German folk, who were and are
> similar in a lot of ways to Quakers.
> They make terrific ginger cookies and sugar cookies! Have some with the
> wonderful Moravian style coffee...
> And in the late 1600's and early 1700's George Fox made a missionary
> through eastern North Carolina. The coast is only a couple of hours from
> Greensboro. You can play on the beach and swim in the ocean and drive
> through the sort of swamps that George Fox endured on foot and by boat to
> spread the Quaker message in the New World.
> If you've been wanting to immerse yourself in Quaker heritage for a
> trip without having to do a transAtlantic flight to Northern England,
> consider North Carolina this summer.
> (And neither the NC Tourist Bureau nor Guilford College has me on their
> payroll! ( Grin!!) )
> Julia Parker Ewen

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