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A message was received from a Friend who does not wish to be 
acknowledged in writing, thus I have blanked out the name and e-mail 
address and only responded to questions.  Janet

>Hello Friend,
>Thanks for writing. I agree with you completely that the world will 
>not be able to support unending numbers of additional people.  That 
>is why I worked to encourage population control through Planned 
>Parenthood some years ago.  But we have reached a point where we no 
>longer even need to do that.  Population growth is now slowing so 
>significantly in the developed world, where most of the resources 
>are consumed, that it will come to balance (equlibrium) relatively 
>soon and then go into decline even if we do absolutely nothing else 
>about it. It is that decline that will have a profound impact on 
>world politics and on the global economy.  The UN Population 
>Division expects Europe's population to shrink by more than 90 
>million people in the next 50 years and they are seriously afraid of 
>the consequences.
>Our population in the US will only increase beyond that time if we 
>let in a lot more refugees and immigrants, an idea I fully support, 
>but one which is unpopular with most people. Refugees and immigrants 
>will come from somewhere else and the population where they come 
>from will decline faster because they left, so there is no net 
>increase from their migration.
>			 Regards,  Janet Minshall
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