[saymaListserv] RE: "munging"

Kit Potter listener at bellsouth.net
Sun Nov 30 23:43:08 JEST 2003

Dear Friends,

I agree with Sharon Annis on this issue. We all have choice, because we all
have the address of the list to use as we wish and when we wish - with

The suggestion that I read within the information that Mary has sent
encourages us to continue to choose to have choice. Since all of us have the
group email address, and most of us do not have all of each others' personal
email addresses (the whole SAYMA list!) in our computers, the system we now
have contains the most individual choice. It seems to me that most of us are
inundated with so much email as it is that we are very very cautious in
choosing to reply to the entire group.

Happy Thanksgiving!
May we all continue to be grateful and aware of the overall progress of
mankind in Spirit, despite depressing news.

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