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Friends, I am re-sending this as a reminder to those who may want to
propose a workshop.  The deadline for proposals is 2/15.  Please share
this with others if you haven't already. The attached info is also
pasted below. thanks, Ellen

Call for Workshops and Plans for YM 2004

Friends, the Yearly Meeting Planning Committee has met twice since June,
and we are making good progress with plans for the 2004 Yearly Meeting,
to be held June 10-13 at Warren Wilson College.  The theme this year
will be Feeding the Flames of Faith:  Integrating Spirit and Action.  We
are building on last year's theme of how our traditions inspire our
practice.  We will have speakers and panels made up of SAYMA Friends who
will share how their faith informs their actions and how their actions
deepen their faith.

In addition to Meeting for Worship for Business and speakers on the YM
theme, there will be the usual favorites:  worshipping together,
"chatting and chewing," singing and dancing, wide-ranging discussion on
many subjects dear to our hearts, and of course many meals shared with
F/friends from far and near.  There are activities for children and
teens through Junior Yearly Meeting and Southern Appalachian Young
Friends.  If you have never attended Yearly Meeting, we encourage you to
ask the folks at your monthly meeting about it.  For many of us, it is a
very special part of our lives.

We know that many of you have talents and knowledge that you could share
with us by leading a workshop at Yearly Meeting.  Below is a workshop
proposal form, due by Feb. 15.  The workshops will last 70 minutes, and
they can be intergenerational, involving both teens and adults.  Friends
are also encouraged to offer workshops exclusively for teens.  Workshops
can be on social justice issues, on spirituality, on art and music, on
Quaker process, or on something we haven't thought of yet!  We do ask
this year that you consider how your proposed workshop relates to the
theme of the many ways spirit and action flow into each other in our
lives.  Watch for more information on YM 2004 coming in March

Here are some of the workshop topics requested on last year's evaluation
forms.  Are you interested in taking one of these on? 
Quaker Process: Workshop for First-Time SAYMA participants; Eldering;
Corporate discipline; Clerking; Quaker 101; Quaker history; How we use
our queries; Workshops that explore in-depth (not beginner level) Quaker
Testimonies, Traditions, Faith and Practice.

Also: Centering techniques for worship; Introducing children to Meeting
for Worship; Quaker Parenting; Music/Singing; Nurturing Spiritual

Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting June 10-13, 2004
Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC 

Form due back by February 15, 2004.

Theme: Feeding the Flames of Faith:  Integrating Spirit and Action 
Workshop topics should be related to the theme of the yearly meeting

Title of proposed workshop:

Your name, address, phone number and e-mail if applicable:

What led you to offer this workshop?

How is the workshop related to the Yearly Meeting theme?

Tell us about your experience in leading workshops or any related

Give us a brief (approximately 50 word) description of your workshop.
(This information will be used to describe your workshop in the advance
program to help Friends in selecting a workshop.)

See back for page 2.Workshop sessions will be only seventy minutes long.
Workshops will be offered Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon.
Please help us in our planning by completing the following  questions
about your proposed workshop:

Please specify which afternoon you would like to give your workshop.
Would you be willing to give your workshop twice? (Be aware that you may
have different people in each session.)

Will the workshop be Lecture? 	Discussion?      Interactive?

Would you like the participants to be adults, youth or both?

Would you like the participants to be men, women or both?

Are there limits to the numbers of participants?  Maximum?

Do you have particular requirements for your workshop?

Location? (We will try to have all workshops in handicap-accessible

Are there any books or similar materials related to your workshop topic
that you would like to see stocked in the bookstore at yearly meeting?

Please return this form by February 15, 2004, to:
Ellen Johnson
P.O. Box 490237
Mt. Berry, GA 30149
ejohnson at berry.edu

Please contact Ellen with any questions you may have.  You will not
receive confirmation that we received your proposal, but you will hear
from us by March 15 on whether or not your workshop will be included in
the program.

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