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>Hi Joe Parko,  Thanks for this.  Its very powerful. I am sending it 
>to the SAYMA list and to a Quaker writer who is working on 
>organizing potential conscientious objectors and the issues of 
>military families. He is director of Quaker House in Fayetteville, 
>NC.   Janet

(Joe Parko is FCNL rep from Atlanta Meeting <parkoj at bellsouth.net>.)

>>In Peace and Solidarity,
>>Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson,
>>for Military Families Speak Out
>>I am an Army Nurse Corps Captain stationed at Walter Reed Army
>>Medical Center (WRAMC), in Washington D.C., and I feel compelled to
>>share with anyone who will listen what I have seen. You see, when
>>Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) troops are evac'd out of Germany, the
>>huge majority are brought here to WRAMC by the Air Force flight
>>nurses and docs. I do not have access to any of the numbers of how
>>many wounded and what types of injuries, etc., but I can honestly
>>tell you that the OIF wounded occupy more than half of our two major
>>intensive care units (SICU and MICU) at any given time. At times, we
>>get so full and are expecting more to arrive, that we have to hound
>>the docs to transfer somebody out of our unit to a ward upstairs so
>>we have some beds for these soldiers. Most of these wounded soldiers
>>come in to our unit on a ventilator breathing for them, with severe
>>wounds caused by IEDs (improvised roadside bombs) or AK-47 GSW (gun
>>shot wounds). Many, many soldiers have already lost arms, limbs, or
>>eyes before they even get to us, and many have received dozens of
>>units of blood before they left Germany. I am very proud that I am
>>privileged to take care of these brave men and women, but it breaks
>>my heart to realize that their incredible loss that they and their
>>loved ones will have to deal with for the rest of their life seems to
>>have not been for the good of our country. Rather, their pain and
>>sorrow has merely allowed a few greedy souls to make a power grab for
>>more wealth and control. One of my dear friends has tried to convince
>>me that this is all part of God's plan, and the death and pain is for
>>some greater purpose that our leaders are not telling us yet. I wish
>>I could believe her. It would make my job and daily life much easier,
>>but I cannot buy it. I apologize to the reader for my tangential
>>thought processes, but this never-ending situation is getting to many
>>military nurses.
>>Anyway, the following is my main point in reaching out to you. As you
>>might be aware, the press is being tightly controlled and what is
>>being reported from a medical standpoint is only a fraction of the
>>true reality. Yes, I do believe the daily number of killed that CNN
>>and whoever report is accurate. What I am saying is that the walking
>>wounded are being sorely ignored. Don't believe me? Walter Reed is an
>>open base, not a tightly controlled fort. Just have a valid ID and
>>consent to a vehicle search. Then park, and walk inside. You will see
>>so many in their 20s, mostly men, missing arms, legs, and eyes. The
>>blinders covering your eyes will be ripped away as you see the poor
>>families making their daily walk from the Malogne house to the wards
>>and units to see their son's or husbands. It is so sad to see young
>>wives and fiancee's cry over their honey who was in Iraq less than
>>one month before losing both legs and have several abdominal
>>surgeries which leaves his belly crisscrossed with staples, and now
>>he is fighting for his life from the infection that the injuries have
>>caused. And that is just one example of what I saw this week. I will
>>spare you any more wrenching true stories.
>>God help our men and women in uniform. Please do something to end this
>>Michael Hearington  
>>        http://C-N-N.ORG/
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