[saymaListserv] A curious solicitation

Vmbra at aol.com Vmbra at aol.com
Wed Feb 25 23:11:24 JEST 2004

I received a letter from a person who says he is a Ugandan student in need of 
money to complete his education.  It had a Ugandan stamp and postmark, and 
was addressed in a different hand than the letter (both appeared to be hand 
written).  I don't know anyone in Uganda, and I am assuming someone is working a 
mail list.  I have no way of knowing whether this is a genuine request or a 
scam but I strongly suspect the latter.  The writer admits I don't know him, but 
does not disclose just how he came across my address in Kampala.  On the off 
chance that this is a Friends mailing list, I thought I'd ask if others have 
received similar messages.


Charles Schade
Charleston WV
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