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Tue Jul 13 00:34:34 JEST 2004

Dear Friends,

In case you didn't already hear about this documentary:

>Don't miss the national broadcast premier of THIRST - a new docu-
>mentary film about the impacts of water privatization.
>We are proud to let you know that our new film, THIRST, will have its
>National Broadcast Premiere Tuesday **July 13, 10 pm (check local
>listings) on PBS's acclaimed "P.O.V." (Point of View) series.
>THIRST is the first film to focus on what is becoming the 21st Cen-
>tury's major source of conflict:  Who has the right to water?  Is water
>part of a shared "commons", a human right for all people?  Or is it a
>commodity to be bought, sold, and traded in the global marketplace?
>THIRST reveals dramatic confrontations over these fundamental
>questions in Bolivia, India and the United States.
>This groundbreaking film reveals how efforts by powerful corporations
>to commodify the world's water supplies have become the catalyst
>for community resistance to globalization.
>We hope you get a chance to watch THIRST.
>Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman
>Snitow Kaufman Productions
>"Riveting and provocative." (Highest rating)
>Jonathan Curiel, San Francisco Chronicle
>"Captivating... THIRST is like a message in a bottle sent from the
>future.  It tells the beginning of what could be one of the major
>political and economic issues to shape the next century.  Don't say
>they didn't warn you."
>Paul Busse, Portland Mercury
>"Beautiful and engaging."
>Carl Pope, Executive Director, Sierra Club
>"THIRST is fabulous.  A moving and inspiring film"
>Sandra Postel, Global Water Policy Project
>"THIRST skillfully weaves together the passion and pain of battles
>over water with beautiful images, passionate characters and lots
>of action."
>Eduardo Sousa, Council of Canadians
>for more information: www.thirstthemovie.org or

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