[saymaListserv] The Truth About Economic History (relevant to Friends Testimony on Truth)

Janet Minshall jhminshall at comcast.net
Sat Jul 17 21:22:37 JEST 2004

Dear Friends,

I have included part of a message from me to Glenn Reinhart of 
Brooklyn (NY) Meeting. He is currently working to start an 
International Friends in Business group in the US along the lines of 
one which exists in the UK.

"I am just getting into a new book (which Free found and gave to me) 
recently released with great reviews called "The Birth of Plenty" by 
William J. Bernstein. He indicates that he had considerable research 
and editorial help and support from staff of Money Magazine, The Wall 
Street Journal, Public Radio and others involved in financial 
journalism.  The book is a really well-written narrative about the 
last two hundred years of economic history.  It is based on 
conclusions which Quaker economist Jack Powelson came to and 
published more than ten years ago in "Centuries of Economic Endeavor" 
(whether Bernstein knows that or not).  I'm only just into the book 
so I cannot say that it is completely accurate from my point of view, 
but it seems to be so far.  I would recommend it highly to those who 
realize that they need better facts about economic history than they 
have depended upon in the past."

I hope AFM and SAYMA Friends will read the book referenced above.  It 
really is unusually well-written, and interesting, especially for a 
book about economics.
			 Best Regards,  Janet Minshall

				Best Regards,  Janet

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