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Sat Jul 24 13:45:11 JEST 2004

Chattanooga Meeting will have a vacancy for a meeting house resident to occupy
a room beginning near the middle of September .  Anyone interested in 
in the meeting house should contact Craig Davoulas, clerk of the 
Committee, at (423) 629-5914 or at the meeting's address,
335 Crestway Drive, Chattanooga, TN, 37411.
The second-floor room is a large one, and the resident will be expected to
bring in and sort the mail, answer the telephone, vacuum the meeting room
weekly, and keep the public areas neat and tidy.  All utilities, including
telephone, are provided.  A stove, refrigerator, and microwave are available
for the resident's use.  The house is not air conditioned, but it is 
by trees and is seldom overly hot, even in the heat of summer. It is on a bus 
The rent, designed to cover utilities and insurance, is nominal,  
$200 monthly, depending on what other duties the resident is willing and able 
to do.

Bill Reynolds, for Chattanooga Friends Meeting
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