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This excerpt from "Meeting the Spirit - An Introduction to Quaker Beliefs
and Practices" may have some bearing on the current discussion:
"There is certainty among Friends that the world offers many distractions
from the Truth, for example the pursuit of wealth or power or pleasure,
extravagance in language, fashion or behaviour, and too great an emphasis on
business, even for good causes. Truth is usually discovered in quiet,
undistracted waiting for its leadings in the human heart, in the humble
simplicity of spirit which acknowledges that ultimately God is in charge of
our world, not we ourselves.

"The testimony of simplicity seeks, therefore, to focus our attention on
what is essential and eternal, without distraction by the transitory or the
trivial. Plain and honest speech is an expression of simplicity. Respect for
God's creation and, therefore, concern for the environment and the right use
of the world's resources is another obvious expression of this testimony. A
growth economy based on extravagance, wastefulness and artificially
stimulated wants is seen to be a fundamental violation of the testimony of

For the text of the complete document, click here:
http://emes.quaker.eu.org/meeting-the-spirit.html .

God's Peace,

Tim Lally, attending Chattanooga Meeting


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> I wouldn't call it a "component of force" that I see in Quaker testimonies
> Janet. I prefer to think of it as "energy" myself - our practice of Quaker
> generates an "energy", a breath of Spirit moving over the ocean of the
Universe, for
> example speaking truth to power, or advocating for international
> regulations such as the Kyoto Protocol or the Earth Charter. My Monthly
> endorsed the Earth Charter just recently. The Preamble of the Earth
Charter calls
> on us to "join together to bring forth a sustainable global society
founded on respect
> for nature, human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace." I
find those
> goals closely aligned with my own fondest dreams. I don't feel it is my
duty to
> "convince" anyone of anything, I can only lay claim to a leading to speak
my truth,
> and a belief that the speaking itself has value.
> I will be disappointed if the current Administration is reinstated come
November, it
> will be a real setback. But in terms of the "energy" I feel right now, the
"force" if you
> will (or "The Force" in Jedi terms), what I sense as the movement of
Spirit in the
> universe, I am willing to put my eye on the prize right now. I am
optimistic that there
> has been a sea change and the pendulum is swinging the other way even now.
> Nevertheless, I accept that I could be wrong. In that event, I plan to
continue doing
> what I am doing now anyway, taking the responsibility that I am also a
part of the
> problem and addressing my own habits, yet speaking openly in favor of
> and right sharing even though I have yet to attain those goals myself.
> I don't know how much success I will have. None of us can. We CAN however
> each other in the Light as we seek to live our principles. I also find
that the holding
> in the Light itself has value. "It is more than looking at the positive,"
a Friend recently
> observed, "I believe it is living in the possibility, much of what is
already present."
> Steve
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