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From: Tony Heriza 
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 1:14 PM
Subject: Help spread the word about the Peace Building Dialogues

Dear colleagues,
We are proud to announce that AFSC is launching a new campaign, Peace
Building in a Time of Cultural War:

	to reject the call to "cultural war" over LGBT rights and
recognition, especially in faith-based communities, and 
	to bring a new, prophetic, and non-polarizing spiritual voice to
the "marriage debates." 

You can see more at: http://build-peace.org

The campaign will begin by sponsoring a groundbreaking online project -
the Peace Building Dialogues  (http://build-peace.weblab.org) - in
collaboration with the New York City firm Web Lab. Starting the week of
May 17, these dialogues will engage hundreds of people of faith
nationwide in a respectful, spiritually-based conversation about the
issues of love, marriage, faith and law. 
We need your help to reach a diverse group of participants.  We are
looking to invite people from all faith and spiritual communities with a
wide range of opinions on this issue. 
Please take a moment today to send the invitation (attached and below)
to all your contacts who might be interested in this interfaith
(A document with talking points on the campaign and related issues is
also attached to help you understand and discuss the campaign and the
Thanks in advance for your help.
Tony Heriza
Communications Department

Kay Whitlock
Community Relations Unit



	Sample invitation
	(please add a short personal line of your own at the top)

	Email Subject Line:  Who should have the right to marry? Join
the AFSC Peace Building Dialogues

	Who Should Have the Right to Marry? A New Faith-based Dialogue
Online (starting the Week of May 17) 
	Please forward this message to friends, family, colleagues, and
others on your listservs who might want to participate - those who share
your perspective, and especially those who don't! 

	The American Friends Service Committee, putting Quaker values
into action, invites you to join an online discussion about religion,
law, and marriage rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender

	Is marriage a matter of faith or a matter of law?  Would a
constitutional amendment defining marriage affect your own religious
freedom in any way?  Have you talked about this issue in your own faith
or spiritual community?

	In our Peace Building Dialogues, ordinary people can add their
voices to a discussion that has been dominated by the dynamics of
polarization and sound-bite politics.

	This two-week dialogue will begin the week of May 17. Register
now or learn more at:  http://build-peace.weblab.org.
	Through these online dialogues, we hope people from many
different faith and spiritual traditions can find ways to acknowledge
our differences, affirm our commonly-held values, and continue to engage
each other with respect and love.

	Kay Whitlock
	Community Relations Unit
	American Friends Service Committee
	kwhitlock at afsc.org

	You've received this invitation because a friend or colleague
suggested we send it to you.  Neither The American Friends Service
Committee nor the Peace Building Dialogues will contact you again
regarding these dialogues.  AFSC will not sell or rent your email
address to third parties.  


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