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Quakerkristi at aol.com Quakerkristi at aol.com
Wed Nov 3 19:02:24 JEST 2004

Dear Friends,

    I'm sure many of us are sharing the emotional disappointment of 
yesterday's election results.  I'm feeling particularly worried for selfish reasons.  I 
know there is the war...and the economy...and the supreme court...and the 
violence of our national attitude.....

    But my real disappointment is that I may never be able to be legally 
married to my life partner.  We celebrated our 15th anniversary yesterday. A year 
ago we thought we might be in Massachusetts this year making our union legal, 
but that state's legal requirements make it impractical.  Instead we were 
hammered with the voter's fear of sharing our "moral values."  I fear that our 
gains were set back for decades, or maybe for a lifetime.

    Having this rite/priviledge is a life goal of mine.  It's hard to explain 
why, but it is very important to me...maybe it's the justice of it, or the 
social validation it gives,  or maybe it's just my romantic heart, but it is not 
trivial.  And a civil union isn't the same - especially not to the security 
of our children.

    Thanks for listening.  Personnally, I feel a need to speak out more about 
this issue, realizing that even f/Friends may not understand its importance.

                        Thanks for your support,  Kristi Estes....Memphis

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