[saymaListserv] Response to Kristi

Nancy Whitt nmwhitt at samford.edu
Thu Nov 4 12:13:12 JEST 2004

This is from an faculty member from the English Dept.  I've also
received phone calls on how touching the letter was and how supportive
f/Friends want to be.  N.

I don't find your reasoning selfish at all. Election day was a
devastating expression of violence to women, to gays, to blacks, to all
of us who desire a peaceful and open democracy. I have to keep reminding
myself that 55,000,000 other Americans feel the way we do lest I despair
that my fellow citizens elected a U.S. Senator who advocates capital
punishment for women who have abortions. I was a child during the
Vietnam War, so perhaps I misjudge the severity of these times. But I
don't recognize my America anymore.


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