[saymaListserv] gay marriage: Bush's trump card

Janet Minshall jhminshall at comcast.net
Thu Nov 11 13:56:42 JEST 2004

Hi Stuart, Sorry I'm late on this -- I'm just catching up with a 
backlog of messages.  I agree in hindsight as well.  I would never 
have asked anyone who was gay to hold off on pushing for marriage or 
civil union, but its clear that the issue and the referenda on 
constitutional amendments did, indeed, bring out the extreme 
Christian right in numbers not seen before.

Free Polazzo and I were "joined" in a ceremony under the care of 
Atlanta Friends Meeting March 21, 1987.  We chose not to involve the 
state in our union for many reasons, but one was that gay people 
could not choose marriage as an option.  We were the first to choose 
to be "joined" rather than married by the meeting.  Others have 
chosen that option since.  I was Clerk of Atlanta Meeting when the 
first gay marriage or "joining" was performed in the gym of Horizons 
School, under the meeting's care, while we were in process of 
building our present meetinghouse. Atlanta Meeting continues to 
provide marriage or "joining" for anyone who requests such 
recognition and is willing to follow the meeting's guidelines 
(traditional practices of ascertaining clearness and presenting the 
request to the meeting as a whole at a regularly scheduled Meeting 
for Worship for Business, among others).  Janet Minshall

>What could have been:
>I support gay marriage. I wish now though in hindsight that the mayor of
>San Francisco would have waited until January to take his public action
>in support of gay marriage. That  stance gave George Bush the fuel to
>support a constitutional ban on gay marriage, a ban that he well knew
>would not at time fly. That lead to the gay marriage ban initiatives
>appearing on numerous  state ballots. That energized the Christian
>Taliban, many of whom sat out the last election. The Right Wing seized
>on a wonderful opportunity to rally collective ignorance.
>Stuart Bonnington
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