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Dear friends

May I ask for your support? It would be a great help for our little book program if you would send this message to all the people you know and of whom you think they could be interested in this special book. 
With a big thank to you and warm regards
Anne Rüffer, author

Peace Women

We are very happy and proud to introduce a book to you today, which came into being in a very special way. How we realized this project is described in the attachment >summary<.
The way ahead for this book is very interesting too: By special invitation of the Swiss Ambassy in Warsaw I had the great honour to present the book at the OSCE-Conference on October 13, 2004.
On November 23, Peace Women will be presented to the participants and international media at the Mubarak-Conference "Women defending Peace" in a discussion with Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Prize 1997). See details of the program: www.dcaf.ch/wdp

Angelika U. Reutter, Anne Rüffer

Peace Women
The eleven Women who received the Nobel Peace Prize
1905 - 2003, from Bertha von Suttner to Shirin Ebadi
Introduction by Micheline Calmy-Rey
256 Seiten, Hardcover, big size
Euro 32.60, CHF 48.00, £ 24.00, USD 48.00 plus shipping cost
ISBN 3-907625-20-X (easiest way to find it in the internetbookshops)

Available/Erhältlich: amazon.co.uk; amazon.com; amazon.ch; amazon.de;; amazon.jp; libri.de; any bookshop or per E-mail by ruefferundrub at bluewin.ch

Thank you very much!
Anne Rüffer

Attachments: Summary, 2 Photos 

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