[saymaListserv] Quaker Sweat Lodge Reflections by Chuck Fager

Larry Ingle lingle at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 2 13:15:07 JEST 2004

I know little about this affair, other than what appears below and a bit 
that Free Polazzo has told me, and I have not been to what is called the
Gathering since 1994, but I want to unite with what Chuck Fager has written.

Let someone fling around phases such as "racism," "genocide," and the like
at them, and "liberal" Quakers will rush to cave in, backtrack, and forget
all their traditions, as seems to have been done in this case.

Hence I agree with Chuck Fager's recommendations and hope that the relevant
groups within FGC immediately repudiates the act of last spring and summer
and begins to reconstruct itself in a truly Quakerly-like way.

For what it's worth.

Larry Ingle
Chattanooga Meeting

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