[saymaListserv] Note that the "sweat lodge" is actually the "Quaker Sweat Lodge Experience"

free polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Sun Oct 3 21:09:01 JEST 2004


I did not say that nobody who was at a workshop wasn't consulted.   Some on 
LRCP might have been in one of the Quaker Sweat Lodges.  I don't know all 
the names of either group.  I know that the workshop leaders were not 
present when the decision to withdraw was made.

What I did say was that the people that were calling this racist were not 
people who have experienced the Quaker Sweat Lodge.

I also said, pretty much,  is it possible that the thousands of Quakers 
(mostly teenagers, including some from minority cultures,  who experienced 
the Quaker Sweat Lodge all be so racist that nobody noticed (including the 
Native Americans who led/attended the Quaker Sweat Lodge) it was racist or 
called them on it?   How could it wasn't until someone who had only read 
the workshop description was able to declare on that the workshop was 
blatantly racist?

I smell ulterior motives and hidden agendas.    Just MHO.


At 08:49 PM 10/3/2004, Steve Livingston wrote:
>Free, thank you for your offerings regarding this issue. It makes for
>very illuminating reading.
>I don't think it's appropriate to say on the list but wouldn't you like to
>have been a fly on the wall during the two days of laboring over the
>decision to pull the workshop! The question in my mind right now is
>raised in your post, when you point out that the decision to pull was
>made entirely by Friends who had never experienced the workshop.
>How did it happen that out of the more than a thousand Friends who
>had had the experience, not ONE was present for this meeting???
>We Quakers like to think that we encourage diversity, and I would
>think that includes hearing diverse opinions from differing points of
>view. Did it happen that the Quaker Sweat Lodge Experience
>became the Native American Sweat Lodge Ripoff because some
>voices were not heard? Was this addressed at the Meeting for
>Perry, I appreciate as well your taking the time to explain a few
>things from the point of view of the Planning Committee. I am so
>ignorant as to not even have known of the existence of the
>committee, so am learning as I go along, possibly at others'
>expense. I invite your comments on the above questions as well,
>since you were in the apparently unusual position of having been on
>the wall when this fly was elsewhere.

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