[saymaListserv] The Quaker Sweat Lodge Experience

Peggy Bonnington bonnipeg at charter.net
Wed Oct 6 00:07:27 JEST 2004

I can only hope that my ignorance and "simplicity" (simpleness)
concerning this issue may serve others than merely myself...  I am
trying to follow along but with less than enough time to dwell on
others' words, to ponder, reread and consider.  My personal past history
with the spirituality of sweats compels my interest in the topic,
however ...

I understand (though would argue in defense) the concept /concern about
"straying" from Quaker tradition.  I believe someone else has already
mentioned the many other exploratory "paths" to spirituality our
present-day Friends embrace/pursue besides the Sweat Lodge.  And our
tradition as Seekers certainly seems to support this exploration -
thankfully so, in my opinion.

I do not understand at all the accusation of "racism," however.  While
not wishing to inconvenience anyone by my slowness, I recognize that
some Friends will probably be glad to expound further on particulars -
maybe to explain to me ... Racism???  How indeed?
Is it not possible that sometimes "bending" to the accusation of racism
too quickly is a sort of form of racism in itself?


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