[saymaListserv] Alternet: The Unknown Soldiers

free polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Thu Oct 21 11:29:38 JEST 2004


A very important story that you won't hear in the main stream 
press.     There is a reason this story is not being covered.   It raises 
basic questions about why we are at war in Iraq.

Since our faith prevents us from using violence as a solution to problems 
we face, we need to let others know more about the truth about war.

Let's not wait for another "MASH" TV series to show our friends and family 
and co-workers how horrific war is.

This is just but one reason why "War is Not the Answer"!


The Unknown Soldiers

The reality of the suffering in Iraq has been rendered invisible by media 
hype and partisan battle. One doctor, who has treated some of the 
thousands, speaks about the war wounded.

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