[saymaListserv] A look at how hard it is to believe the truth about something we were wrong about

free polazzo freepolazzo at comcast.net
Fri Oct 22 10:23:12 JEST 2004

Dear Friends,

Since we, Friends, value Truth so highly that we make Integrity one of the 
key foundations for our faith and practice, this article is refreshing in 
that is deals with the dilemma of "why are people still thinking Iraq had 
WMD or WMD programs or Ties to Al Quida" when we invaded, when all 
"official" sources say that there were none.

This article from Alternet.com does a good job of explaining why "facts" 
don't often have anything to do with what people see as the truth.


>The World According to a Bush Voter
>A new survey reveals that Bush supporters choose to keep faith in their 
>leader than face reality.

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