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Hello Friends,

I hope and pray that Friends don't need to make "enemies" or "bad guys" of 
people who work in corporations in order to fell like they are "doing 
good".    To help that prayer along, I submit the current copy of  the Net 
Impact "Corporate Social Responsibility Weekly".

Read about how corporations around the world are working to improve our 
environment.   The people who work at these places want alot of the same 
things that Friends want.    We can create a more peaceful and healthy 
world by learning more about those businesses and, dare I say it, even 
starting or joining existing businesses in order to influence who goods and 
services are distributed.

Did you notice how many of the corporations and organizations discussed in 
the newsletter are overseas?  Globalism also works to bring ideas to the 
USA that can help with solutions to problems that Friends have identified.


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>Subject: CSR Weekly #86
>October 25 th , 2004
>No. 86
>Feature Article
>Corporate Responsibility in Business Schools
>This article featured in Australia’s e-journal of social and political 
>debate, On Line Opinion, illustrates the growing importance of corporate 
>responsibility engagement and education in business schools. The article 
>highlights the Australian Graduate School of Management and mentions 
>Columbia, Duke, Harvard, London Business School, Stanford and Net Impact.
>“Business schools are no longer considering whether to include business 
>ethics and social responsibility in their curricula,” the article states. 
>“It’s a must." The article continues,“our future business leaders need the 
>skill to accurately assess the social context of their business decisions. 
>They also need to be able to develop strategies addressing the social 
>the full article here.
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>»California Wine Industry Issues First Industry-Wide Sustainability 
>Report  » BT Signs Three-Year Renewable Energy Contracts To Supply Most of 
>Its U.K. Operations  »New U.S. Sentencing Guidelines on Corporate 
>Governance Expected To Take Effect in November  » U.S. Health Insurance 
>Provider To Cover Obesity Prevention and Treatment  »Wal-Mart and Tyson 
>Foods Join U.S. EPA Transport Initiative To Cut Fuel Use, Emissions  » 
>Abercrombie & Fitch Joins PETA’s Boycott of Australian Merino Wool
>Top Stories
>CSR Reporting
>California Wine Industry Issues First Industry-Wide Sustainability Report
>The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance – a group of vintners and 
>growers that promotes sustainable practices in the state’s wine industry – 
>has released its first sustainability report that provides a baseline for 
>13 areas of sustainable winegrowing practices. Each area will serve as a 
>benchmark for California vintners and growers looking to improve their 
>sustainable practices. According to GreenBiz, this is the first time an 
>entire industry has publicly reported sustainable practices using a common 
>assessment tool. The report reviews the practices of facilities 
>responsible for about 40 percent of California’s wine production and 
>nearly 25 percent of the state’s total wine acreage, and indicates that 
>many wine producers have already undertaken sustainable practices for 
>water conservation, pesticide risk reduction and soil management. 
>According to the report, areas needing improvement include energy 
>conservation, solid waste handling and environmentally preferred 
>purchasing. The Modesto Bee notes that the report also reviews the 
>industry’s human resources practices and relations with its community and 
>neighbors. The executive summary of the California Wine Community’s 
>Sustainability Report is available at 
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of articles from GreenBiz, October 11, 2004, 
>and The Modesto Bee, October 9, 2004, 
>Green Power
>BT Signs Three-Year Renewable Energy Contracts To Supply Most of Its U.K. 
>U.K. telecommunications firm BT Group plc announced that it had made the 
>largest purchase of “green” energy in the world, which it will use to 
>power almost all of its U.K. operations in an effort to reduce the firm’s 
>reliance on fossil fuels. According to Reuters , BT has entered into a 
>three-year contract with British Gas (owned by U.K. energy firm Centrica 
>plc) and Npower (owned by German utility RWE AG) to supply the firm with 
>renewable energy – including solar, wind, wave and hydroelectricity. The 
>renewable energy will be used to power 6,500 BT telephone exchanges, 
>offices, and satellite stations. BT says its green energy plan will lower 
>its carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions by 324,000 tons annually – equivalent 
>to that released by 100,000 cars or 50,000 homes. AFX News reports that 
>since 1991, BT has cut its CO2 emissions from its energy use by 80 percent 
>at an average rate of about 1.5 million tons per year.
>-- BSR News Monitor Summary of articles from Reuters , October 14, 2004, 
>ww.reuters.com and AFX News, October 14, 2004, 
>Governance Standards
>New U.S. Sentencing Guidelines on Corporate Governance Expected To Take 
>Effect in November
>The updated U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines – which expand and specify 
>federal expectations of corporate governance and ethics programs – are 
>scheduled to take effect on November 1, 2004 with the aim of deterring and 
>detecting criminal conduct in the workplace. The guidelines clarify that 
>companies are required to involve senior executives in all compliance 
>monitoring, develop incentives to promote compliance programs and evaluate 
>ethics programs for effectiveness. Companies that fully implement such 
>measures could face reduced punishment should a firm or executive be 
>convicted for criminal conduct. According to American Lawyer, the new 
>guidelines are likely to become the “de facto industry standards with 
>serious consequences for those who ignore them.” Nick Akerman, a partner 
>at the U.S. law firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP says that failure to implement 
>the guidelines could also result in civil liability lawsuits from 
>shareholders. The guidelines still need final approval by the U.S. Supreme 
>Court, but Barry Boss, a partner at the U.S. law firm Cozen O’Connor, 
>believes that “regardless of what happens, the vigor of the prosecutions 
>will continue, and these criteria will serve as the gold standard.”
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of article from American Lawyer, October 1, 
>Product Development
>U.S. Health Insurance Provider To Cover Obesity Prevention and Treatment
>In an effort to address the rising health risk and costs of obesity, U.S. 
>health insurance provider Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has 
>announced that it will cover the prevention and treatment of obesity under 
>a new plan called Health Lifestyle Choices. According to company president 
>and chief executive Robert Greczyn, “[Obesity] is the public health crisis 
>of the 21 st century… We will treat [it] as a primary condition.” The firm 
>says that half of its 3 million members are overweight or obese, costing 
>the insurer more than $83 billion in 2003 from related healthcare 
>problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. According to The 
>Washington Post , about 1.1 million members will have access to the new 
>plan that will cover four annual doctor visits to identify and treat any 
>weight problems, prescriptions for two weight-loss drugs (Meridia and 
>Xenical), nutritional counseling and stomach stapling surgery, if 
>necessary. While the insurer does not know how much the new plan will 
>cost, it believes the initial costs will be offset by the prevented 
>weight-related health problems and costs. Helen Darling, president of the 
>U.S. business coalition National Business Group on Health, says, “Other 
>insurance companies and health plans and employers will be watching this 
>very closely.”
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of article from The Washington Post, October 
>13, 2004, p. A2
>Climate Change
>Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods Join U.S. EPA Transport Initiative To Cut Fuel 
>Use, Emissions
>U.S. meat processing firm Tyson Foods, Inc. and U.S. retail chain Wal-Mart 
>Stores, Inc. have joined a voluntary initiative of the U.S. Environmental 
>Protection Agency (EPA) – called the SmartWay Transport Partnership 
>program – which seeks to reduce fuel consumption, costs and emissions from 
>freight transportation. The SmartWay program has gained the participation 
>of 84 firms since its introduction in February 2004. EPA director Mike 
>Leavitt says, “We’re looking for companies just like Wal-Mart and Tyson. 
>These are among the largest trucking fleets in the country.” The Arkansas 
>Democrat Gazette reports that Tyson and Wal-Mart are currently estimating 
>their emissions baseline and will set their reduction targets within six 
>months. The EPA provides participating firms with software to calculate 
>their emission levels and then helps them develop reduction strategies. 
>Through the initiative, the EPA hopes to demonstrate the benefits of 
>voluntary pollution controls, as opposed to regulations, and seeks to 
>reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 72 million tons annually by 2012. 
>The Associated Press reports that according to the EPA, truck idling alone 
>causes 11 million tons of carbon dioxide and 180,000 tons of nitrogen 
>oxide emissions annually.
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of articles from The Arkansas Democrat 
>Gazette, October 5, 2004, www.ardemgaz.com and The Associated Press, 
>October 4, 2004, 
>Treatment of Animals
>Abercrombie & Fitch Joins PETA’s Boycott of Australian Merino Wool
>Just-Style reports that U.S. apparel firm Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is the 
>first firm to join a global boycott of Australian merino wool that was 
>launched by the international animals rights group, People for the Ethical 
>Treatment of Animals (PETA). According to PETA, Australian lambs are 
>subjected to a surgical operation called “mulesing” without the use of 
>painkillers. The operation cuts excess skin from the animals’ hindquarters 
>to prevent infection from flies. PETA also claims the lambs are not 
>properly cared for when they are in transit to slaughterhouses. According 
>to The Columbus Dispatch, merino wool accounts for 85 percent of wool 
>production in Australia – which is the largest wool producer and exporter 
>in the world. Abercrombie spokesperson Thomas Lennox says there are other 
>sources of wool available, adding that the company will not knowingly sell 
>products containing Australian merino wool until conditions improve for 
>the animals. Lennox notes that Abercrombie considers its decision “a good 
>thing for our market and our shareholders.” According to PETA campaign 
>coordinator Matt Rice, Abercrombie has “set a new standard by pledging not 
>to sell Australian merino wool. We hope other retailers follow suit.” 
>Comments from Australian wool producers were not included in the articles.
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of articles from The Columbus Dispatch, 
>October 14, 2004, 
>and Just-Style, October 14, 2004, 
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