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>Subject: CSR Weekly #86
>October 25 th , 2004
>No. 86
>Feature Article
>Corporate Responsibility in Business Schools
>This article featured in Australia’s e-journal of social and political 
>debate, On Line Opinion, illustrates the growing importance of corporate 
>responsibility engagement and education in business schools. The article 
>highlights the Australian Graduate School of Management and mentions 
>Columbia, Duke, Harvard, London Business School, Stanford and Net Impact.
>“Business schools are no longer considering whether to include business 
>ethics and social responsibility in their curricula,” the article states. 
>“It’s a must." The article continues,“our future business leaders need the 
>skill to accurately assess the social context of their business decisions. 
>They also need to be able to develop strategies addressing the social 
>the full article here.
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><file://#story1>»California Wine Industry Issues First Industry-Wide 
>Sustainability Report <file://#story2>» BT Signs Three-Year Renewable 
>Energy Contracts To Supply Most of Its U.K. Operations 
><file://#story3>»New U.S. Sentencing Guidelines on Corporate Governance 
>Expected To Take Effect in November <file://#story4>» U.S. Health 
>Insurance Provider To Cover Obesity Prevention and Treatment 
><file://#story5>»Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods Join U.S. EPA Transport 
>Initiative To Cut Fuel Use, Emissions <file://#story6><file://#story6>Abercrombie & Fitch Joins PETA’s Boycott of Australian 
>Merino Wool
>Top Stories
>CSR Reporting
>California Wine Industry Issues First Industry-Wide Sustainability Report
>The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance – a group of vintners and 
>growers that promotes sustainable practices in the state’s wine industry – 
>has released its first sustainability report that provides a baseline for 
>13 areas of sustainable winegrowing practices. Each area will serve as a 
>benchmark for California vintners and growers looking to improve their 
>sustainable practices. According to GreenBiz, this is the first time an 
>entire industry has publicly reported sustainable practices using a common 
>assessment tool. The report reviews the practices of facilities 
>responsible for about 40 percent of California’s wine production and 
>nearly 25 percent of the state’s total wine acreage, and indicates that 
>many wine producers have already undertaken sustainable practices for 
>water conservation, pesticide risk reduction and soil management. 
>According to the report, areas needing improvement include energy 
>conservation, solid waste handling and environmentally preferred 
>purchasing. The Modesto Bee notes that the report also reviews the 
>industry’s human resources practices and relations with its community and 
>neighbors. The executive summary of the California Wine Community’s 
>Sustainability Report is available at 
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of articles from GreenBiz, October 11, 2004, 
>and The Modesto Bee, October 9, 2004, 
>Green Power
>BT Signs Three-Year Renewable Energy Contracts To Supply Most of Its U.K. 
>U.K. telecommunications firm BT Group plc announced that it had made the 
>largest purchase of “green” energy in the world, which it will use to 
>power almost all of its U.K. operations in an effort to reduce the firm’s 
>reliance on fossil fuels. According to Reuters , BT has entered into a 
>three-year contract with British Gas (owned by U.K. energy firm Centrica 
>plc) and Npower (owned by German utility RWE AG) to supply the firm with 
>renewable energy – including solar, wind, wave and hydroelectricity. The 
>renewable energy will be used to power 6,500 BT telephone exchanges, 
>offices, and satellite stations. BT says its green energy plan will lower 
>its carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions by 324,000 tons annually – equivalent 
>to that released by 100,000 cars or 50,000 homes. AFX News reports that 
>since 1991, BT has cut its CO2 emissions from its energy use by 80 percent 
>at an average rate of about 1.5 million tons per year.
>-- BSR News Monitor Summary of articles from Reuters , October 14, 2004, 
>ww.reuters.com and AFX News, October 14, 2004, 
>Governance Standards
>New U.S. Sentencing Guidelines on Corporate Governance Expected To Take 
>Effect in November
>The updated U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines – which expand and specify 
>federal expectations of corporate governance and ethics programs – are 
>scheduled to take effect on November 1, 2004 with the aim of deterring and 
>detecting criminal conduct in the workplace. The guidelines clarify that 
>companies are required to involve senior executives in all compliance 
>monitoring, develop incentives to promote compliance programs and evaluate 
>ethics programs for effectiveness. Companies that fully implement such 
>measures could face reduced punishment should a firm or executive be 
>convicted for criminal conduct. According to American Lawyer, the new 
>guidelines are likely to become the “de facto industry standards with 
>serious consequences for those who ignore them.” Nick Akerman, a partner 
>at the U.S. law firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP says that failure to implement 
>the guidelines could also result in civil liability lawsuits from 
>shareholders. The guidelines still need final approval by the U.S. Supreme 
>Court, but Barry Boss, a partner at the U.S. law firm Cozen O’Connor, 
>believes that “regardless of what happens, the vigor of the prosecutions 
>will continue, and these criteria will serve as the gold standard.”
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of article from American Lawyer, October 1, 
>Product Development
>U.S. Health Insurance Provider To Cover Obesity Prevention and Treatment
>In an effort to address the rising health risk and costs of obesity, U.S. 
>health insurance provider Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has 
>announced that it will cover the prevention and treatment of obesity under 
>a new plan called Health Lifestyle Choices. According to company president 
>and chief executive Robert Greczyn, “[Obesity] is the public health crisis 
>of the 21 st century… We will treat [it] as a primary condition.” The firm 
>says that half of its 3 million members are overweight or obese, costing 
>the insurer more than $83 billion in 2003 from related healthcare 
>problems, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. According to The 
>Washington Post , about 1.1 million members will have access to the new 
>plan that will cover four annual doctor visits to identify and treat any 
>weight problems, prescriptions for two weight-loss drugs (Meridia and 
>Xenical), nutritional counseling and stomach stapling surgery, if 
>necessary. While the insurer does not know how much the new plan will 
>cost, it believes the initial costs will be offset by the prevented 
>weight-related health problems and costs. Helen Darling, president of the 
>U.S. business coalition National Business Group on Health, says, “Other 
>insurance companies and health plans and employers will be watching this 
>very closely.”
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of article from The Washington Post, October 
>13, 2004, p. A2
>Climate Change
>Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods Join U.S. EPA Transport Initiative To Cut Fuel 
>Use, Emissions
>U.S. meat processing firm Tyson Foods, Inc. and U.S. retail chain Wal-Mart 
>Stores, Inc. have joined a voluntary initiative of the U.S. Environmental 
>Protection Agency (EPA) – called the SmartWay Transport Partnership 
>program – which seeks to reduce fuel consumption, costs and emissions from 
>freight transportation. The SmartWay program has gained the participation 
>of 84 firms since its introduction in February 2004. EPA director Mike 
>Leavitt says, “We’re looking for companies just like Wal-Mart and Tyson. 
>These are among the largest trucking fleets in the country.” The Arkansas 
>Democrat Gazette reports that Tyson and Wal-Mart are currently estimating 
>their emissions baseline and will set their reduction targets within six 
>months. The EPA provides participating firms with software to calculate 
>their emission levels and then helps them develop reduction strategies. 
>Through the initiative, the EPA hopes to demonstrate the benefits of 
>voluntary pollution controls, as opposed to regulations, and seeks to 
>reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 72 million tons annually by 2012. 
>The Associated Press reports that according to the EPA, truck idling alone 
>causes 11 million tons of carbon dioxide and 180,000 tons of nitrogen 
>oxide emissions annually.
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of articles from The Arkansas Democrat 
>Gazette, October 5, 2004, www.ardemgaz.com and The Associated Press, 
>October 4, 2004, 
>Treatment of Animals
>Abercrombie & Fitch Joins PETA’s Boycott of Australian Merino Wool
>Just-Style reports that U.S. apparel firm Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is the 
>first firm to join a global boycott of Australian merino wool that was 
>launched by the international animals rights group, People for the Ethical 
>Treatment of Animals (PETA). According to PETA, Australian lambs are 
>subjected to a surgical operation called “mulesing” without the use of 
>painkillers. The operation cuts excess skin from the animals’ hindquarters 
>to prevent infection from flies. PETA also claims the lambs are not 
>properly cared for when they are in transit to slaughterhouses. According 
>to The Columbus Dispatch, merino wool accounts for 85 percent of wool 
>production in Australia – which is the largest wool producer and exporter 
>in the world. Abercrombie spokesperson Thomas Lennox says there are other 
>sources of wool available, adding that the company will not knowingly sell 
>products containing Australian merino wool until conditions improve for 
>the animals. Lennox notes that Abercrombie considers its decision “a good 
>thing for our market and our shareholders.” According to PETA campaign 
>coordinator Matt Rice, Abercrombie has “set a new standard by pledging not 
>to sell Australian merino wool. We hope other retailers follow suit.” 
>Comments from Australian wool producers were not included in the articles.
>-- BSR News Monitor summary of articles from The Columbus Dispatch, 
>October 14, 2004, 
>and Just-Style, October 14, 2004, 
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