[saymaListserv] LGBTQ Friends

Perry Treadwell perryt at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 26 10:18:24 JEST 2004

Seldom have I had such a spiritual experience as I did last December 
(12th month) in the Meeting room of Atlanta Friends Meeting. The sun was 
going down and gave the room a soft, orange glow. The clerk's caucus was 
reporting to the Executive Committee of the Central Committee of Friends 
General Conference. A draft minute was read:

"Our experience has been that spiritual gifts are not distributed with 
regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.

"Our experience has been that or Gatherings and Central Committee work 
have been immeasurably enriched over the years by the full participation 
and Spirit-guided leadership of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and 
queer Friends. We will never go back to silencing those voices or 
suppressing those gifts. Our experience confirms that we are all equal 
before God, as God made us, and we feel blessed to be engaged in the 
work of FGC together."

The meeting sat in worship for some time. No wordsmithing was suggested 
and the body united with the minute and agreed to take it to the next 
Executive Committee meeting and to Central Committee.

Last Friday night the Central Committee heard the minute and several 
spoke in its favor. Central Committee approved of the minute with joy. I 
cried with release and joy along with many others.


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