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Toward Peace & Justice
Nov '04 issue
election eve vigil 

<|>   as of Friday night Oct 29, in the SAYMA region there were candlelight vigils planned for Atlanta and Blount County, Alabama.

<|>    there is a link below to find out more about participating or organizing

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                                     Toward Peace and Justice  
                                In This Issue:  November 2004   
                                 •    Reminder: Organize or join an election eve vigil  
                                  •    New resources to help you promote fair trade  
                                 •    Immigrants protest, celebrate in California  
                                  •    Help create a fairer U.S. economy  
                                 •    Insecurity in Iraq ‘extends far beyond kidnappings’  
                                  •    Your contribution will help make AFSC’s work possible  
                                Reminder: Organize or join an election eve vigil  
                                People in more than 30 states have answered AFSC’s call to organize nonpartisan election eve candlelight vigils. 

                                On Monday, November 1, gather with your friends and neighbors to

                                • hold our nation in the light
                                • show that democracy matters
                                • call for clean elections
                                • remember the things we all care about—peace, justice, security

                                Build democracy. Vote on November 2. 
                                There’s still time to organize a vigil or join one near you.  

                                Immigrants protest, celebrate in California  
                                In early October, immigrants and their allies in San Diego organized a series of activities to protest Operation Gatekeeper, the blockade-style U.S. border control initiative that has terrorized immigrant communities for 10 years. 

                                Simultaneously, the second Tamejavi Festival in Fresno celebrated immigrant contributions to U.S. society with an outdoor market, forums, and cultural presentations. 

                                Both stories are on the revamped “Immigrants’ Rights” section of the AFSC website, along with more news and information. 

                                Insecurity in Iraq ‘extends far beyond kidnappings’  
                                In a recent Des Moines (Iowa) Register editorial, AFSC’s Iraq Country Representatives, Rick McDowell and Mary Trotochaud, wrote:

                                “Kidnapping of international humanitarian workers is only a new twist to the insecurity of life in Iraq. Hundreds or thousands of Iraqi citizens are routinely kidnapped. While the goal can be money or disruption and fear, most Iraqis have reduced or abandoned their daily activities. The lack of security extends far beyond the kidnappings.” 
                                Read the full editorial.  

                                New resources to help you promote fair trade  
                                Visit the new “Trade Matters” section of the AFSC website and find out what you can do to promote fair trade. 

                                For example, you can order an activist toolkit to help you spread the word about fair trade in your community, buy a Fair Trade Peace Pack to help fuel the demand for fair trade products, and get action alerts.

                                The site also includes information that spells out why fair trade is an issue we all need to be concerned about. 
                                Promote fair trade today.  

                                Help create a fairer U.S. economy  
                                After you help promote fair trade, learn more about economic justice in the United States.

                                AFSC's economic justice programs advocate for just public benefits and services, and help communities organize for social change. The new “Economic Justice in the United States” section of our website will help you learn about and engage in creating a fairer economy. Issues addressed include

                                • hunger in the U.S.
                                • federal budget priorities
                                • living wage campaigns
                                • affordable housing

                                Find out more.  

                                Your contribution will help make AFSC’s work possible  
                                AFSC is able to work for peace, provide humanitarian relief, and transform lives around the world only because of the support we receive from people like you. To make a contribution call 1-888-588-2372 and learn about ways you can support AFSC. 
                                There also are several ways to contribute online.  

                                Toward Peace & Justice is a monthly publication of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a nonprofit Quaker organization that includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace, and humanitarian service.

                                Copyright 2004 by the American Friends Service Committee, 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

                                Feel free to forward this email to your friends. See the AFSC website at  www.afsc.org  

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