[saymaListserv] Fwd: Re: Is Population Decline A Greater Threat Now Than PopulationGrowth?

Nancy Winfrey nwinfrey at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 2 14:43:39 JEST 2004

The way I see it, from a perspective of 70 years and the pre-abortion,
pre-birth control era, two major causes of declining population are economic
 and advances in birth control and abortion.

I respect a woman's right to make decisions about her own body, but I still
don't think that addresses the underlying causes of population decline.

Years ago, the Catholic Church in particular, held as a mission homes for
women who needed shelter for an unwanted pregnancy, as well as orphanages
for abandoned children.

Today, these institutions are mostly gone, even at a government level.

Until this country (and by that, I mean us, as citizens and members of the
human race) begins to value all women and children as deserving of a right
to at least a minimal standard of living no matter how many children may be
involved, we will continue to have this dilemma:

Those who have access to birth control and/or abortion economically will
continue to have smaller and smaller families for economic or personal
reasons.  Those who do not have the means to access the needed controls will
continue to have uncontrolled birthrates, with many of the resulting
children needing medical care, welfare, and having poor records for
education and being good citizens.

Is there a message for Friends in this scenario?  Might a more effective way
to impact this situation be to begin paying attention to the need for
valuing women and children by affording them decent living conditions,
support if they wish to keep their children, necessary social services to
enhance minimal parenting and life skills, etc.?  Is there any way that
Friends can help this to happen?  

I predict that birthrates might even stabilize if the most poor and
dysfunctional portions of our citizens are supported as they need to be, and
families that are able to access birth control might not so limit their
families if it weren't necessary for economic reasons.  This doesn't even
address the segment of our population which is seeing more and more repro-
ductive problems due to lifestyle and environmental pollution!  We have that
circumstance in our own family, where more children are desired, but not
possible due to medical conditions that can't be corrected!

This is a complex problem, but as always, paying attention to human needs
and social programs can be an answer to what so far sound like dry
statistics and projections thereof.

Nancy Winfrey
Clemson Worship Group
Greenville MM
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