[saymaListserv] Re: Garrison Keillor on the new Republicans

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 14 13:35:50 JEST 2004

Free writes:

>>Please, If there are any "New Republicans" out there, please explain to me where Garrison or I am in error.  I have voted Republican, in the past, and am really unhappy at how that party seems to have become the party of 
"Me and mine".

>>Free means "free to choose".  When there are only two people who have a chance of becoming President of the US of A, it behooves both political parties to be very careful whom they present as their candidates. I wish there were better choices, but the fact that there are none may say more about "we the people" than it does about the people who are being offered as our leaders for then next two or four or six years.<<

This Friend speaks my mind.

I have always voted candidates, not parties.  Now it seems the system has become so distorted that candidates are chosen (by the party bosses) solely on the basis of getting into power or of staying in power.

Why has the citizenry accepted this?  Is it because we still live by the fantasy that if only the "right man" (gender bias intended) were found to fix everything for us, we as individuals could continue our perennially adolescent lives without having to take responsibility?

I hold the world in the Light, in the midst of my own fear for the safety of us all.

Blessed Be,

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