[saymaListserv] Re: [afmdiscussion] Fwd: [earthcare] Future Population Decline: What Are Our Responsibilities As Friends?

Steve Livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Fri Sep 17 17:43:19 JEST 2004

Hello Janet and Roy,

Re: Chicken Little. I have often run into this argument Roy, especially when trying to express misgivings about plans that 
look good in the short term but have no lasting power. This is especially true IMHO when calling into question the 
consumption of resources that ought to be in the public domain but are increasingly being exhausted or privatized. To my 
mind, clean water is the most fundamental and critical of said resources. I read not long ago of efforts to privatize Atlanta's 
water system. Any insights on that experience from you or Janet? Or others reading this?

Janet, I am quite amazed at the suggestion that drawing down water from the oceans might help balance the rising sea 
levels from global warming. My understanding of the sheer denisty of the human population is that all of the people in the 
developed countries would not fill up a box one kilometer on each side and two hundred meters high. How much water could 
they possibly use up, never to return to the global ecosystem? How much impact could that possibly make on the earth's 
oceans, with a surface area of 510 million square kilometers?


On 17 Sep 2004 at 9:34, Janet Minshall wrote:

> Dear Roy Taylor,  Thanks for your very good letter and change of
> focus.

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