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Steve Livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Sun Sep 26 22:19:40 JEST 2004

Thanks for the heads up, Kit. We were just having a discussion 
about this last week in meeting - not about HR235, but about how 
we must be careful to maintain our integrity as a meeting in the face 
of the existing laws.

There's a great article in the Christian Science Monitor on HR235.

CSM article

That was a good education for me. Here's an interesting line from 
the story you cited at The Hill:

"Several groups, including the Anti-Defamation League and the 
American Jewish Congress, testified that the 2002 Jones bill was 

It is interesting to note that whole the story has picked up some 
minimal coverage in Christian Right media, it is unreported in the 
mainstream media.

Steve Livingston
nc_stereoman at charter.net
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