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Subject: [MemphisFriends] The Congressional Evaluation Project

Dear Friends,

In January 2004, I started looking for information on various 
congressional incumbents and on some of the senators who are up for 
re-election, and realized just how little was easily available. A lot of 
the official webpages are puff pieces with no links to voting records or 
information on the actual substance of what the person actually *does* 
to represent the people who elected him.

So I wrote The Congressional Evaluation Project, 
http://www.zipbeep.org/congress/. This compares publicly available 
evaluations from a wide range of organizations, from Americans for 
Democratic Action to the Christian Coalition. It rates each lawmaker's 
voting record on issues including civil liberties, education, health 
care, abortion, the environment, firearms, neoConservatism and the 
Religious Right.

There are omnibus tables with all the information available; following 
those are tables that examine specific issues. I've spelled out the 
assumptions I made in creating the project, the sources of the 
information, and the limitations.

It's for anyone who wants to find out what elected officials have been 
doing. It includes every congressman and -woman now in office, and every 
senator whose term expires this year, whether the people are running 
again or not. (Incumbents not seeking re-election are marked with *** 
after their names; their records are kept in the project to show how 
their constituents have been represented during the past few years.) In 
a few cases, where people were put into office for only part of a term, 
there's not much information; in some cases there's a whole lot of it.

I've spent eight months on it; please give it a few minutes. Look up 
your own representatives -- you know the issues in your state and 
district far better than I do. See what you find. If you think what I've 
been doing is useful, please pass it along, send it to people. It's 
free, it's all compiled from public information. Send it wherever you 
think it might be most helpful.

And feel free to write me about it. Comments welcome.

In the Light,
Kit Mason
attender, Takoma Park Friends Meeting Preparative,
Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Please note that this is my own project and not something sponsored by
either the Yearly or Monthly meetings.

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