[saymaListserv] A Good Movie To See (relevant to Friends mystical experience)

Janet Minshall jhminshall at comcast.net
Thu Sep 30 10:27:05 JEST 2004

Dear Atlanta and SAYMA Friends, I have a wonderful mind-blowing movie 
to tell you about.  It is titled "What The Bleep Do We Know?" and is 
playing in Atlanta at the Landmark Art Theatre (where the Midtown 8 
used to be, on Monroe across from Grady High School).  I don't think 
it is in very wide release yet, so if you don't have an art theatre 
nearby, look for it in the city closest to you.  It is my guess that 
it will be released in video format eventually and may also be shown 
on cable.

It is about spirituality, material reality and human behavior and is 
a very good effort to transmit clearly some aspects of mysticism and 
mystical experience.
If you are able to find it, write about it for Friends on these 
lists. I'd like to hear what others think of it.  It may be, as a new 
attender at our little worship group said, "a film you could see ten 
times and have a different experience of it each time". Blessings, 
Janet Minshall

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