[saymaListserv] Quakers in the News - 4/1/2005

Steve Livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Fri Apr 1 13:35:51 JEST 2005

What a shame that the most widely reported article of the week is:

> Conservative gets pie
> in eye at Quaker college/Chicago

And an even greater shame that one story that is most deserving of 
reportage has gone unnoticed. I direct my fellow SAYMA Friends to the 
Christian Peacemakers Team's current press release at


Here you will learn that Peacemakers are helping Palestinian peasants 
in the very dangerous process of removing highly toxic poison from their 
livestock's grazing fields, after this Chemical Weapon was deployed 
twice in one week, presumably by terrorists from a neighboring Israeli 

Why is this story deserving of coverage? First, because it is indicative of 
the ongoing acts of oppression and terrorism suffered by Palestinians, 
especially women and children. Second, because the Christian 
Peacemakers consistently make a clear distinction between peace-
loving, considerate Israeli's and those who commit acts of oppression 
and terrorism - for example, in this story we learn that it was an Israeli 
who reported the poisoning to the police. Third, because this and other 
stories on the CPT listserv give us Americans a glimpse into the lives of 
the people of the West Bank, how their lives are affected by the 
apartheid policies of the Sharon government, and how they adapt their 
lives to the persecutions that they suffer.

This story is of particular importance to us as Quakers because the 
Christian Peacemakers practice non-violence in a way that is exemplary 
to Friends. They speak truth to power, they defend the innocent with 
their presence and their good will, and they constantly seek that of the 
Divine in those whom they must confront, and answer to it.

This story is of particular concern to SAYMA Friends, and Asheville 
Friends especially, because among the CPT'ers we have a Traveling 
Minister, Christy Bischoff, who is involved in the cleanup effort. Please 
hold her in the Light, Friends, as she must use her hands to touch this 
highly toxic chemical, and breathe its fumes. Please pray that it does not 
rain before the cleanup is completed.


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