[saymaListserv] Afganistan turning into a "Huge US Jail"

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Fri Apr 1 19:22:13 JEST 2005

Hello Friends,

War is not the answer!  We know this in our  Quaker souls.   How to help 
those who think that the "ends justifies the means!"?  Perhaps it's by 
staying informed of the truth of the war against terror.  (and all the 
other wars the US is fighting).

US Citizens are NOT being told the truth about how we are treating 
prisoners we take captive.   If they knew, perhaps the mistreatment would 
stop.    Remember that our Quaker ancestors languished in jails for no 
reason other than they worshiped in ways that were not accepted by the 
governments in power.    Let us not forget them as new prisoners are 
mistreated by our government.

The article from "Truthout.org" tells what is happening in Afganistan.  Not 
reported in the media, so we have to use SAYMA Kitenet to get the truth out.

An excerpt from the attached article is copied below:

"And perhaps this event above all others - of a nervous phalanx of US 
marines forcing its way across a prayer ground on one of the holiest, most 
joyous days in the Islamic calendar, an itching trigger away from a 
Somalian-style dogfight of their own making - is the one that encapsulates 
everything that has gone wrong with the global war against terror. The US 
army came to Afghanistan as liberators and now are feared as governors, 
judges and jailers. How many US marines know what James Madison, an 
architect of the US constitution, wrote in 1788? Reflecting on the War of 
Independence in which Americans were arbitrarily arrested and detained 
without trial by British forces, Madison concluded that the "accumulation 
of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands may 
justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny"

The full article can be found 
at:       http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/040105C.shtml

Long but important.



Peace doesn't mean "Peace of Mind"


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