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Dear Friends,

One may click on any blue underlined text for a link to a summary and the 
full text story.  Please see http://quakersinthenews.blogspot.com to make 
comments to share with other Friends.

The most widely reported article mentioning or featuring Quakers – the week 
ending 4th Month 9. 2005 (55 instances in the US and UK) was:

Quaker Schools /Politics and Economics/Violence/Pat Buchanan Doused With 
Salad Dressing At University Appearance/CBS News /ALL/ALL/USA/01-Apr-05/Associated 

This week’s AP wire story, makes the second widely picked-up mention about a 
Quaker, (who attends Earlham College) who threw a pie in the face of a 
conservative political figure at a lecture/discussion on March 30.  The 2nd story, 
reported on April 1, involving Pat Buchannan, mentions that the student in 
Michigan was inspired by the act at Earlham college two days previous.

The total of 129 instances of these two stories makes Food Throwing the most 
reported story about or mentioning Quakerism in 2005 so far, specifically 
reinforcing Quaker Schools and Politics and Economics in the minds of the public 
associated with ‘Quaker’.  Considering the many good works of Friends, this is 
sad in many ways.  What might have been planned as a humorous act mimicking 
black-and-white slapstick cinema, which some of us love, in a parody of the 
rich and powerful, really came off poorly in the eyes of the public.  This 
especially, considering the composure that was held and ultimate refusal to press 
serious charges by the 'Conservative' speakers after being hit with food.  One 
source close to the throwing action was quoted, commenting: “The cause (for 
this action) seems to be prolonged exposure to anarchists.  “  The source also 
said, “This is a good student who made a bad choice.”

One may read more if one likes:  Commentary after the fact was published, one 
in which the student explained his action. Three articles, two in Indiana, 
and one in Chicago analyzed the after affects these acts might leave in the 
public sentiment.


The most inspiring story (to me) also regards Quaker schools and public 
schools.  This story was widely reported in the Education Section of USA Today - a 
national publication in the United States:

Quaker Schools /Sidwell Friends/Public Schools/Mahoney/Math teacher resets 
the learning curve/USA Today /ALL/ALL/USA/06-Apr-05/...


The other stories, for those who seek the many treasures buried within, are:

Category/Article Title/News Source/City/State/Region/Date

AFSC/Immigration//US - Mexico Border Becomes Busy Northbound Highway After 
Nightfall/Watchman Herald/TX/USA/09-Apr-05
Arts/Film/James Dean/adherents.com/Religion in the media: A look at recent 
books, magazines and Web .../Fort Wayne News Sentinel/Fort 
Arts/Literature/Moby Dick/Starbuck/'Moby Rehearsed' is often Welles-run
/Washington Times/Washington/DC/USA/05-Apr-05
Arts/Theater/that of God in each person'/Buck Celebrates Friends, 'Strangers'
/Washington Post/Washington/DC/USA/06-Apr-05
Business////How about a spiritually rich list?
Domestic Violence///Bethel Friends holds benefit for Desert Rose/Mooresville 
/ Decatur Times/Mooresville/IN/USA/02-Apr-05
Environment/Religious Diversity//Coastline protection effort hitting the pews
/Times Picayune/New Orleans/LA/USA/05-Apr-05
FCNL/Politics and Economics/Smith, Daniel/US Economic Decline and the Rise of 
China/Palestine Chronicle /Palestine/M.E./08-Apr-05
FCNL/War/Politics and Economics/President is not worthy of blank check for 
Intrnational Conflict/Genocide/Rwanda/Friends Peace Teams/Quaker discusses 
work in Africa/Corvallis Gazette Times/Corvallis/OR/USA/06-Apr-05
Obituary /Arts /Painting//Services to celebrate local artist Janet Church, 87
/Whittier Daily News, /Whittier/CA/USA/07-Apr-05
Obituary /Business ///Community leader Jack Porter, 83, passes away/Wabash 
Plain Dealer/Wabash/IN/USA/04-Apr-05
Quaker History/Architecture/Fire/Jordans/OZZY OSBOURNE ON..EVERYTHING/Sunday 
Quaker History/Business ///Clarks left with a sole survivor after closure
/Times Online/London/England/UK/01-Apr-05
Quaker History/Geneaology//Books help track down English ancestors/Daily 
Press/Newport News/VA/USA/02-Apr-05
Quaker History/Natural Science /Ethnic Diversity/Cook /Making it up as you go 
Quaker History/Politics and Economics/Peace//Inside the First Amendment: For 
advocates of workplace religious .../Naples Daily News 
Quaker History/William Penn/Jury System/Law Breaking/Why A Fully Informed 
Jury?/Magic City Morning Star/Portland/ME/USA/06-Apr-05
Quaker History/Women ///Alice Paul 1885-1977 Faithful Suffragist/Arkansas 
Democrat-Gazette /Little Rock/AR/USA/03-Apr-05
Quaker Schools /Genocide/Genocide Intervention Fund/Swarthmore/Students Fund 
Sudan Peacekeepers/Harvard Crimson/Cambridge/MA/USA/07-Apr-05
Quaker Schools /Sidwell Friends/Partners for Peace/Council for the National 
Interest/'Peace' panel stirs debate at Sidwell/Washington Jewish 
Quaker Schools /Silence///Treading softly/Advance of Bucks 
Quaker Schools ///Williamstown Youth Center director to leave after summer
/Berkshire Eagle/Pittsfield/MA/USA/08-Apr-05
Religious Diversity/Catholicism//Memorial joins area residentsof many faiths
Religious Diversity/Catholicism//Readers share their thoughts on the pope
/Salem Statesman Journal/Salem/OR/USA/06-Apr-05
Religious Diversity///Davidson's rule change rooted in faith/Charlotte 
Religious Diversity///Protestants say pope's message transcended religious 
boundaries/Asbury Park Press/Asbury Park/NJ/USA/04-Apr-05
Religious Faith /that of God in each person'/Cheshire man finding God within 
people/Waterbury Republican American/Waterbury/CT/USA/07-Apr-05
War/Conscientious Objecton /Jesus//'Conscientious objectors' discuss service 
alternatives/University of Central Oklahoma Vista/Oklahoma 
War/Counter-Recruiting/Consensus/God-Connected/Grannies rage against the 
machine/San Francisco Chronicle/San Francisco/CA/USA/01-Apr-05
War/Counter-Recruiting/Politics and Economics/Cookville, TN/Censorship chips 
away at freedoms/Provo Daily Herald/Provo/UT/USA/04-Apr-05
War/Peace Activity/Iraq//Iraq war vets events here/The Capital 
War/Peace Activity/Iraq//Arundel woman's anti-war message quiet but visible
/Baltimore Sun /Baltimore/MD/USA/06-Apr-05
War/Peace Activity/Lynd, Staughton/Teach-in set at Albion/The Jackson 

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