[saymaListserv] Danger Brewing Near Hebron

Steve Livingston nc_stereoman at charter.net
Thu Apr 14 22:10:17 JEST 2005

Dear Friends,

With each passing day, there is more tension on the West Bank in 
Palestine, and particularly it seems in the vicinity of Hebron, where 
Friend Christy Bischoff is serving with the Christian Peacemakers Team 
among the Palestinian people. In the village of Beit Ummar, some 15 km  
from Hebron (the same distance as Asheville to Swannanoa), the 
peasants have been informed that a "security fence" will be erected 
around the illegal settlement of Karme Tzur, effectively cutting off the 
people from their farmland and orchards, and increasing the size of the 
illegal settlement by a factor of three.

The Palestinian people were given seven days to appeal the plan. The 
seventh day is tomorrow, April 15. After that, who knows what may 

It is important to note that the US consulate in Jerusalem has declared 
that the US considers the plan to be a violation of the peace process. If 
you are moved to take action, please follow the link to the CPT website 
where you will find guidance.


Please hold our Friend Christy in the Light as she and other 
international peaceworkers are increasingly being targeted by settlers 
intent on blocking the road to peace. Remember her at noon each day, 
pray for the Palestinians and for the Israelis as well, who must learn to 
coexist in order for peace to prevail.


Steve Livingston
nc_stereoman at charter.net
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