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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the latest Quakers in the News.  A snapshot of the face of English 
speaking Quakerism in last week's news is as follows:

An additional 100 articles mostly appearing in mid and small market journals 
in the US published stories mentioning Earlham College (not necessarily 
mentioning the word 'Quaker') and the subsequent two food throwing incidents.  one 
at Butler University, in Indiana and another one involving Pat Buchannan in 
Michigan.  The op-ed commentary stories were mostly similar to - Liberals prevent 
free speech

A list of News Stories reported last week are as follows:

Category/Article Title/Journal/City/Area/Region/Date

War/Protest///Peace campaigner faces Asbo over protest at US base
News Association/MT/USA/13-Apr-05/
Quaker Schools /Tolerance/Integrity of Testimonies/Body, Mind and Spirit
/Teaching Tolerance Magazine/Montgomery/AL/USA/16-Apr-05/ 
Quaker Schools /Public Schools//A Touch of Fame for Three Teachers/Washington 
Post /Washington/DC/USA/12-Apr-05/ 
Quaker Schools /Politics and Economics/Violence/Earlham/Great moments in pie 
throwing/Chicago Tribune /Chicago/IL/USA/12-Apr-05 
Quaker Schools /Politics and Economics/Violence/Earlham/You can't prevail in 
politics with pie - Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Quaker History/William Penn/Holy Experiment/Does Pa. believe in God?
/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/Pittsburgh/PA/USA/14-Apr-05/
Quaker History/William Penn/Civil Rights/Why A Fully Informed Jury?/Knox 
Village Soup/ME/USA/14-Apr-05/ 
Quaker History/William Penn/Civil Rights/When Silence Is Golden
/ChristianityToday.com /ALL/ALL/USA/13-Apr-05/ 
Quaker History/War/Slavery/Underground Railroad/Here are some new 
developments that may get you to the polls/News of Delaware County/PA/USA/13-Apr-05/ 
Quaker History/War/Humanitarian Assistance/Holocaust survivor educates future 
generations with haunting .../Purdue Exponent /Purdue/IN/USA/11-Apr-05/ 
Quaker History/Slavery /Women//A list of the first five inductees/New York 
Newsday/Long Island/NY/USA/16-Apr-05/ 
Quaker History/Slavery /Underground Railroad/Elias Hicks/A list of New York's 
Underground Railroad heritage trail sites/Newsday/Long 
Quaker History/Philadelphia/Franklin, Benjamin/French twist/Boston Globe 
Quaker History/Business /Quaker Schools/Johns Hopkins/Retired teachers 
restore historic schoolhouse/Annapolis Capital/Annapolis/MD/USA/16-Apr-05/
Quaker History/Business ///Timber baron carved out his place in province's 
history/Globe and Mail/Toronto/Ontario/Canada/14-Apr-05/ 
Quaker History/Animals///Dear circus: Forget the elephants/Philadelphia Daily 
Obituary /Natural Science //Alan Bloom/The 
Gentleness///Pastor who helped break down city’s racial barriers dies at 87
/The State/Charleston/SC/USA/11-Apr-05/ 
Catholicism/Religious Faith /Peace Studies/Smith-Christopher, Daniel/Papal 
qualities of leadership: Trust, compassion, faith/The Tidings/Los 
Book Review/Quaker Schools/Earlham//Kimmel creates another memorable 
protagonist/Columbus This Week Newspapers/Columbus/OH/USA/14-Apr-05/ 
Arts/Theater///Curtain coming down Saturday on cabaret series
Architecture/New Meetinghouse//Quakers promise merchants not to dry up Old 
Town/City Pulse/Detroit/MI/USA/14-Apr-05/ 

AFSC/War/Politics and Economics/Anti-war resolution on warrant
AFSC/War/Iraq//More US troops questioning Iraq duty
AFSC/War/Boots//Boots of dead US soldiers to be displayed in Tacoma/KING5.com 
AFSC/War/Boots//War’s human costs added up, in pairs
AFSC/Politics and Economics/Labor//What? Me Work?/Cleveland Scene 
AFSC/Politics and Economics/Immigration/Minuteman/Arizona Minutemen Driven 
Largely By Sense of Insecurity .../The NewStandard/New York/NY/USA/16-Apr-05/ 
AFSC/Politics and Economics/Immigration/Minuteman/Legal observers to provide 
update on Minuteman activities to .../Douglas Daily 
AFSC/Politics and Economics/Immigration/Immigration bill too restrictive, 
won't aid security/Asbury Park Press/Asbury Park/NJ/USA/12-Apr-05/ 
AFSC/Politics and Economics/Immigration/Drivers' Licenses/Bills draw new 
avenues for driver's license/OregonLive.com/Portland/OR/USA/11-Apr-05/ 
AFSC/International Conflict/Israel//Group protests use of bulldozers in 
Israel/Mid-Hudson News/Poughkeepsie/NY/USA/14-Apr-05/ 
AFSC/Humanitarian Assistance/City workers' hobby offers a way to help/San 
Jose Mercury News /San Jose/CA/USA/14-Apr-05/ 
AFSC/ACLU/Immigration/Minuteman/Local man to join group watching US-Mexico 
border/MetroWest Daily News/Worcester/MA/USA/13-Apr-05/

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